2nd location: Bergen

As of January 1, we have a second office in Bergen at Sint Anthoniestraat 49. We have a very pleasant coaching space there, but the best part is that we can walk within five minutes in the most beautiful forests and dunes of the Netherlands. And those are often the most beautiful sessions…. Feel welcome! […]

Help! I want a f*** job!

This week the Volkskrant headlined that for the first time there are more job openings than unemployed. For months now headlines have been about the huge personnel shortage. In healthcare, hospitality, education and so on. Hugely annoying, of course, and we all notice it. At the same time, we at Sterke Leiders see more and […]

All Star shoes

I have been walking on All Star shoes for over 40 years and still have almost all of them, there are almost 100 of them.

Mad at your boss?

The easiest way out is the way out, and of course you only take it when there really is no other way. Because actually your job is super fun, right? So let’s first try to settle this feud. You must have thought of that yourself, but HOW? We can help you with that.