This week the Volkskrant headlined that for the first time there are more job openings than unemployed. For months now headlines have been about the huge personnel shortage. In healthcare, hospitality, education and so on. Hugely annoying, of course, and we all notice it.

At the same time, we at Sterke Leiders see more and more talented, very experienced leaders who just can’t find a job… Searches of months, sometimes even more than a year, many dozens of applications, often without any response and when they do hear something, often impersonal, sometimes unprofessional, long drawn out interview processes follow… We never actually read anything about this.

Because we often coach people from the corporate world, including HR managers and recruiters, we also hear the other side of the story. Stories about the ever-increasing workload, teams that are far too small (the staff shortage again), the impact of working from home and virtual processes (which really exists), about hundreds of applications per vacancy as a result of the Great Resignation and about junior hiring managers who are left to their own devices. So that explains quite a bit.

It takes two to tango they say, but there is no very good dancing. Instead of that energetic tango full of passion, we see exhausted employees and frustrated job seekers. Two sides, two stories, but the impact is similar: Angry, worried, sad, doubt, frustration, insecurity, helplessness and burn out….

All topics we at Sterke Leiders know how to deal with. We make a stronger leader out of you as a person. We help you deal with stress, setbacks and make a plan based on your own choices. So that you regain control of your life. Or stay in control.