Sparring with leaders

Open session

Once a month Sterke Leiders organizes an open session. With the goal of introducing you, along with other leaders, in a casual way to different techniques and models you can use to improve your personal leadership.

Signing up will be possible again after the summer season.

** So far our sessions have been in Dutch. But we’d love to host an English version too. So, if you’re interested, please let us know! **


We start each session with half an hour of accessible theory on the “model of the day”. This could be a systemic exercise, an NLP technique, Transactional Analysis (such as the drama triangle), Leadership Circle, Enneagram, Co-active coaching, ORSC. Or an exercise developed by ourselves. So every session you will learn something new.


You can submit an issue you would like to resolve. You don’t have to, you can. We will then try to solve it in the group, perhaps using the chosen model. This way you also learn (especially) from each other. We make sure the group remains open and safe.


For anyone interested in improving her or his personal leadership.


Spaces Amstel – Amsterdam


Dates will be announced in due course.


€ 200,- incl. VAT (the session will be approx. 2.5hrs)


Sessions will go on if there are a minimum of 6 participants (maximum of 12). Be there on time, we expect quite a few run-ins.

Are you in?

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